About Us

Here at Hat Creek Carriers, LLC, we work daily to advance our position in the transport industry. This means constant research, dedicated employees, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and regular feedback from all of our customers about our car delivery services. With the day-to-day life we all experience, fuel prices increasing, the economy’s up and downs, seasons changing and a variation of weather, ultimately our customers’ auto delivery needs are continuously changing. We know and understand this, and that is why we try so hard to accommodate each and every customer’s car delivery service needs, no matter how diverse they may be. Vehicle shipping can be quite stressful, and our mission is to provide a service that is hassle free.

Our origins in the automobile delivery industry started with some close friends, a few trucks, a few trailers, and a desire to know and learn the cars delivery business.


As the company continued to grow and our clientele became larger, we decided to form an additional amenity and bond the automotive delivery company so that we could not only transport the vehicles on our own company trailers, but broker vehicles to other reliable carriers that we know and trust. We want to be the best in the car delivery services industry, but we do not want to lose our “personal touch.” Our customers are our friends, and we want them to feel comfortable contacting us at anytime, day or night. We understand business is important, and we value each customer we have. We also understand that honesty, integrity, and a good morals are a necessity! We are based out of West Texas; however, we provide auto delivery service to anyone who needs a vehicle shipped,. Regardless of whether you need your vehicle shipped over land or water, we can get it there.