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Videos about Hat Creek Carriers

What Factors Affect the Delivery Time of My Vehicle Transport? (video)

There are several different factors to consider when shipping a vehicle that will affect the time it takes to have the vehicle moved. The weather is a strong determining factor on time. Whether it is heavy rain, hurricanes, snow, ice, or extreme heat, car carriers operate all year long. The time of transport may be […]

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Are My Personal Items Safe in My Car During Auto Transport? (video)

We encourage our customers to remove all personal items from their vehicle before shipping. Aftermarket stereo facings should also be removed. During the time of transit, the doors on most vehicles are left unlocked due to safety regulations. This puts any personal items you have inside the vehicle in jeopardy.

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Do You Need Auto Insurance Before You Transport? (video)

Please make sure you do have current auto insurance on your vehicle before shipping it.  The carrier does have cargo insurance, however, there are certain conditions that may not apply such as acts of God, or adverse environmental conditions.

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Inspect Before and After Auto Transport. (video)

The inspection process is very important.  We encourage our customers to do a thorough inspection of their vehicle both before and after the transport. This inspection should occur before any documents between a customer and the carrier are signed.  Should you find any damages to the vehicle, be sure you mark those on the bill […]

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About Us – Hat Creek Carriers (video)

Thank you for allowing Hat Creek Carriers to serve your auto transport needs. Included in this website you will find helpful information about the auto transport process. Please feel free at any time to contact our office for any questions or concerns that you may have.  (325.672.9370) This video will provide you with a little […]

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