Gotta Getta Rav

Sometimes you really want to win.

You know that last piece of pie at the dinner table? You look at it, and so does he. “Did you want that?” you ask him.

“Oh, no, it’s okay. I’m really done here. Plenty full. I was just admiring how perfectly the meringue fluffed up today. Just like my mother’s,” he says.

“Oh, yeah, that is nice,” you reply casually, trying to appear nonchalant. “She was a great cook. I miss her. When I eat this pie I feel right at home. But… you can have it …if you want it.”  I SO hope he doesn’t want it, you think.

“I couldn’t possibly. It’s the last piece. You take it,” he tells you.

That’s a relief, you think. He says he couldn’t possibly take it. Your mind is racing. I want it. I really want it. But just to be polite, you decide to offer one more time. “No, you take it.” Now I won’t feel badly when he offers it back to me. I gave him every opportunity.

“Okay, I will take it. Thanks,” he tells you, and he reaches for it. But something snaps in you. The politeness goes out the window, and you jab him in the side with your fork. He leans over to clutch it, and the slice is all yours.

Yeah, we know that’s how you feel. When you love your car, being the one to drive is a privilege worth fighting for. That’s why at Hat Creek we work hard to meet your needs whether it’s just one car or a whole pie… er, fleet.

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