How Americans Feel about Buying a Car

When it’s time to buy a car, wouldn’t it be nice to navigate the roadblocks efficiently and simply? Maybe our GPS navigator could give us directions:

“Start at Dealership Avenue. Take a slight right onto Test Drive Drive, taking care to avoid the detour onto Oversell Road. At the dead end, turn left onto Haggling Lane, but be ready to yield to oncoming traffic as you enter the on-ramp for the Financing Highway. Exit at the exit number that corresponds with your credit score, and follow Easy Street all the way home.”
If only someone could guide us through this purchase so straightforwardly. At least one part of the process can be simple: the delivery.
At Hat Creek, we will ensure your experience is hassle free. We will make all the necessary arrangements, track your vehicle while it is in transit, provide you with a detailed update along the way, and verify that your vehicle is safely delivered to its destination. And that’s what I call easy.

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