How to Prevent Car Theft

Grand Theft Auto may be a popular video game series, but let us assure you: it is no joke. This infographic exposes some striking truths about car burglary, including the total value of vehicles stolen nationwide. If only 57% of stolen vehicles are ever recovered, consumers are often very vulnerable.
So what can you do to protect yourself? Follow these simple tips to greatly reduce the odds of your vehicle being stolen.
1.     Take your keys with you. Never leave your car while it’s running.
2.     Lock your doors and close your windows.
3.     Park under lights.
4.     Store your valuables in the trunk, glove compartment, or somewhere else out of sight.
5.     Install protective and/or immobilizing devices, such as an alarm, steering column collar, a kill switch, or a smart key.
6.     Install a tracking device on your vehicle. Though they may be expensive, they are highly effective in alerting authorities as to the whereabouts of stolen vehicles.
If you need a vehicle delivered, give us a call. Hat Creek Carriers promises to protect your vehicle from predators while it is in transit.

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