Made in the USA?

The word “American” might conjure up different images in your mind: a flag. A solider. Apple pie and ice cream. Sunday picnics in the park. Baseball. A dream, a standard, an ideal.

For many Americans, buying domestic cars is a matter of pride. But does it matter where your car is built? Some would say yes – the business philosophy of many car companies is to “build them where you sell them,” allowing the manufacturers to keep your price low. Buying domestically helps support our own auto industry.
Some cars deemed “American cars” may not be completely American. They may include parts from overseas, or the entire engine block and/or the transmission may have been built on foreign soil. Explore this infographic to discover details about some of the most popular cars on the market.
Whether your car is American made or built on foreign soil, we can ship it for you! Hat Creek Carriers specializes in auto transport anywhere safely, in or out of the US. Contact us for a free auto transport quote.

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