We are shipping specialists.

We have developed a proven network of drivers in our industry that we use to meet all of our clients’ needs. These drivers are reliable, fully insured and meet all state and federal requirements. The communication between Hat Creek Carriers and our drivers is one of the most important elements.


We excel at customer service.

We follow up with these car shipping companies throughout each and every day, which gives us the ability to let our customers know that their vehicle is safe. Our drivers know that we take care of YOUR vehicle as if it were our own and understand that we expect only the best from each of them.

A row of new 2010 Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles sit for sale in the car lot at the Toyota dealership in El CajonFleet, Dealership, & Auction Vehicles

We currently work with some of the largest auctions in the business and arrange fleet transport for their clients. Fleet lease vehicles are on the move constantly and the customers need them yesterday. No need to worry, we can get them loaded and on their way quickly and efficiently. We also have a list of dealerships that we provide auto shipping services for, and can provide names and references at anytime. Through experience, we have learned that fleet vehicles do not only consist of your typical Ford Taurus or Chevrolet half ton pickup, but the large Ford F550 cab and chassis, and the famous hi-top cargo vans. We have handled many different size units and are trained to provide true and an accurate car shipping quote for each one. We do obtain low boys, flat beds and drop decks for our clients with over-sized units. At times, we will even offer drive-away service for some of our larger vehicles, such as boom trucks, semis, and campers. We work very hard to accommodate all of our clients and their needs when shipping a car –  no matter how specific they may be (even car shipping to Hawaii or overseas!). Give us a call and we will work to not only meet, but exceed, your expectations in the auto shipping industry!

PriusCorporate Relocation Vehicles

Moving can be an exciting event. Promotions, new company location opening, whatever the reason may be, we want it to be as stress-free as possible. We work hand-in-hand with not only auto transport drivers, but storage facilities, household moving companies, international shipping and even realtors. If you are not sure what you are going to need to get this transaction in motion, let us help you.

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military vehicleMilitary Vehicles / Military Discounts

Thank you for serving our country. We offer military discounts on all vehicle transports. We work to communicate with anyone who is designated on the shipping order. We know and understand that military hours and positions are not always flexible, but we are. We will work around whatever schedule you may have. Let us take care of your car while you take care of our country! 

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super carProfessional Athletes’ Vehicles

We have been providing auto shipping services for multiple NFL and MLB players for the last three years. We look forward to moving our players’ vehicles home for the off-season, so they can enjoy time with their friends and families. Once football and baseball season hits, we will have their vehicle awaiting safely at their practice facility so that they do not have to make other transportation arrangements. We all know how important our wheels are to us! We can ship any vehicle anywhere!

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tractorBoats, Campers, Trailers, and Equipment

Specializing in the auto transport does not just restrict us to the common SUV, car, or pick up truck. We have transported campers, including bumper pull, goose neck, fifth wheel, and motor homes. The transportation of trailers is another amenity we offer. We have stacked, towed and even assisted with pendle hook trailers. No job is too big or too small! Over the last year, we have worked with several boat haulers to develop a dependable network of carriers available to our clients daily. We work to ensure that your boat, camper, trailer, or equipment arrives safely at its destination.