The Cog by Honda

A single car is comprised of over 30,000 unique parts, from the smallest screw to the largest chassis.

The developers at Honda work like a symphony conductor selecting masterful musicians. Car parts may travel hundreds of miles to audition, and each seat in the orchestra is given only to the most skillful players. When the maestro taps his baton, the string section slowly sings out a sweet strain, underscored by the wind instruments’ arpeggios and a slightly staccato percussion.  The conductor’s skill is proven, and you are transported as the melodies and harmonies weave together to create what can only be seen as a masterpiece.
Hat Creek Carriers knows that all parts of your vehicle must be in perfect concert with each other to provide the superior performance you’ve come to expect. That’s why we work hard to ensure your car arrives at its destination completely unspoiled.
Can you hear the music?

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